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Welcome to MCSD!
MCSD is the DBA name for Michael and Nancy Miklasz. Both are independent consultants who contract their services to major corporations, often through third-party consulting firms.

Michael represents the firm's primary business thrust. Consequently, this site focuses on the services he has to offer as one of the nation's leading PROGRESS developers. Michael brings to the table an extensive background in PROGRESS 4GL / RDBMS system design and development in UNIX and Windows operating environments. Along with developing custom systems, he's worked with such packages as mfg-PRO, SYMIX, Dispatch-1, VarNet and UniFi. Michael has recently geared his talents toward web development utilizing PHP and MySQL. The distinguishing characteristics of Michael's work include structure, optimization, attention to detail, and readability.

Initially, you might want to compare project requirements to Michael's Information Overview to determine whether you think he can help you. A review of his Experience Summary illustrates his contributions to numerous Fortune 500 corporations across the United States. Additional information regarding each assignment is detailed in the Accomplishments section. Should you determine that Michael just might be the man for your job, you may Meet Michael Miklasz online, before arranging a telephone or personal interview. There, you'll get a feel for what he looks for in an ideal working relationship, as well as what you can expect from him in return.

Nancy, the more "artsy" side of the team, is an award-winning designer. As a Technical Writer, Marketing Specialist, and Information Products Developer, Nancy believes information should tell you what you want to know, right up front, yet invite you to read on. You are, therefore, invited to Read On -

Though Michael and Nancy seldom collaborate professionally, they do so very well. While Michael makes projects happen with the utmost accuracy, reliability, and an economy of system time and resources, Nancy develops web sites, input/output screens and reports to be professionally pleasing. Both are firm believers in documenting their work.

Thank you for visiting MCSD. Please enjoy the rest of the site, and feel free to e-mail us any time.

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